HB 2365

84(R) - 2015
House Higher Education
House Higher Education

Companion Bill

SB 1750

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Jim Murphy

Bill Caption

Relating to the requirements for employment positions provided through the Texas college work-study program.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.

The bill would require that 50 percent of the employment positions through the Texas College work-study program in an academic year are provided by employers who are providing employment located off campus. The bill would not have a state fiscal impact to the program because it would only impact the type of employment positions supported through the program. Several institutions indicated that their allocations through the Texas college work study program could be impacted. As a result, departments within the institution which rely on work-study support would have to replace work-study students with other staff. This analysis assumes that any costs for institutions of higher education to implement the provisions of the bill could be absorbed within current resources. 

Bill Analysis

The above fiscal note adequately and accurately describes HB 2365.

Vote Recommendation Notes

By moving these college work-study jobs off campus and into the private sector, HB 2356 would help to better prepare students for full time employment after college. It would also reduce the cost of subsidized labor on college campuses. For these reasons we support HB 2365 under our limited government and free market principles.

We also supported the Senate companion bill, SB  1750 earlier this session.