SB 401

86(R) - 2019
Senate Business & Commerce
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Senate Business & Commerce
House Administration
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Kelly Hancock


Kirk Watson

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Relating to legislative oversight of deferred maintenance projects.

Fiscal Notes

According to the Legislative Budget Board, no significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated. If the Texas Legislative Council were required to fund and provide staff support for the committee, it indicates that it could absorb the costs associated with the bill within its current resources.

Bill Analysis

SB 401 would create a Joint Oversight Committee on Government Facilities to review deferred maintenance plans and receive implementation updates for state property. The Committee would be composed of members of the Legislature. The Committee would prepare a biannual written report detailing the amount of money expended on deferred maintenance projects and the status of planned, ongoing, and completed projects. The Committee would be abolished in 2025.  

Vote Recommendation Notes

Texas Action supports SB 401 because it promotes limited government by providing greater transparency on government spending. This is a legitimate function of a limited government.