SB 2332

86(R) - 2019
Senate Water & Rural Affairs
Senate Water & Rural Affairs

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Brandon Creighton

Bill Caption

Relating to reporting to the legislature by certain river authorities.

Fiscal Notes

No fiscal implication to the State is anticipated. 

Bill Analysis

SB 2332 would require certain river authorities, in November of the sixth year after the year in which the Sunset Advisory Commission completed the review of the river authority, to report to the legislative committee with jurisdiction over water to explain rule changes made since the review by the Commission, and the consequences of those changes. This bill would also authorize the committee to compel testimony by a representative of the river authority regarding the subject of the report in the same way the committee may compel testimony from a representative of a state agency.

Vote Recommendation Notes

Texas Action supports SB 2332 which aligns with the principle of limited government by increasing transparency in, and legislative oversight of, the river authorities to which the bill applies.