SB 1850

86(R) - 2019
Senate Natural Resources & Economic Development
House Environmental Regulation
Senate Natural Resources & Economic Development
House Environmental Regulation

Vote Recommendation

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José Rodríguez


Brian Birdwell
Pat Fallon
Pete Flores
Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa
Eddie Lucio Jr.
Borris Miles
Judith Zaffirini


Armando Walle

Bill Caption

Relating to used and scrap tire handlers.

Fiscal Notes

No fiscal impact to the state is anticipated. 

Bill Analysis

SB 1850 would require a financial assurance as a condition of issuing a registration for the transportation, storage, and processing of scrap tires. It would also require a used or scrap tire transporter to submit to TCEQ an annual report on the records maintained by the transporter relating to storage, transportation, and disposal. Finally, it requires TCEQ to annually issue a registration insignia to each used or scrap tire transporter. 

Vote Recommendation Notes

Much of what this legislation does is codify existing practice. The regulatory approach this bill takes is lighter than similar bills in previous sessions and does not create onerous new civil penalties or requirements for property owners. To the extent that illegal tire dumping continues to be a problem in Texas that the legislature needs to address, this is probably the lightest regulatory approach of the options we have seen presented over several sessions. For these reasons we remain neutral on SB 1850.