HB 902

86(R) - 2019
House Criminal Jurisprudence
Senate Criminal Justice
House Criminal Jurisprudence
Senate Criminal Justice

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Bill Caption

Relating to increasing the criminal penalty for assault of a pregnant woman.

Fiscal Notes

The probable fiscal impact of implementing the bill is indeterminate because data collected at the statewide level do not reveal the number of assault cases involving a pregnant victim, information necessary to determine the impact of the bill's enhancement provision.

Bill Analysis

HB 902 would make assault of a person the actor knew was pregnant at the time of the assault a third degree felony. This would be an increase from the current Class A misdemeanor penalty.

Vote Recommendation Notes

Texas Action supports HB 902 because it advances the principles of limited government and personal responsibility. We support the goal of the bill in seeking to deter any assaults upon pregnant women by increasing the penalty for the offense. It is a proper role of limited government to have punishment proportional to the crime. To knowingly assault a pregnant woman is to assault two people, so the penalty enhancement is justified.