HB 4347

86(R) - 2019
House Ways & Means
Senate Finance
House Ways & Means
Senate Finance

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Rafael Anchia
Greg Bonnen
Joe Moody
Chris Turner
John Zerwas


Cecil Bell Jr.
Cesar Blanco
Rhetta Andrews Bowers
John H Bucy III
Travis Clardy
Dan Flynn
Jessica Gonzalez
Todd Hunter
Phil King
Matt Krause
Eddie Lucio III
Andrew Murr
Evelina Ortega
Leo Pacheco
Tan Parker
Dennis Paul
Mary Ann Perez
Ron Reynolds
Scott Sanford
Carl Sherman
Phil Stephenson
James Talarico


Carol Alvarado

Bill Caption

Relating to the authority of certain municipalities to use certain tax revenue for hotel and convention center projects and other qualified projects.

Fiscal Notes

Estimated Two-year Net Impact to General Revenue Related Funds for HB 4347, Committee Report 2nd House, Substituted: a negative impact of ($980,000) through the biennium ending August 31, 2021. Additionally, there would be a negative impact of ($46,853,000) through the biennium ending August 31, 2023.

Bill Analysis

HB 4347 would allow certain municipalities to use hotel occupancy tax revenue for funding a variety hotel and convention center projects, among other things.

Vote Recommendation Notes

Texas Action opposes HB 4347 for violating the principles of limited government and free markets.  The role of a limited government is not to grow tourism or to subsidize certain facilities, at the expense of others, with taxpayer money. Like any city whose concern is to see more tourists come and visit, a better solution would be the repeal of the municipal hotel occupancy tax, which would encourage individuals to stay longer in hotels and to spend more of their money -- that would have otherwise been paid in taxes -- within the local economy, and in tourism events and activities. Such a situation would benefit tourists, municipalities, and their communities, and would favor a limited government and the free market system.