HB 3834

86(R) - 2019
House State Affairs
Senate Business & Commerce
House State Affairs
Senate Business & Commerce

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Giovanni Capriglione


Angela Paxton

Bill Caption

Relating to the requirement that certain state and local government employees and state contractors complete a cybersecurity training program certified by the state cybersecurity coordinator.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.

Bill Analysis

HB 3834 would require the Department of Information Resources to, in consultation with the cybersecurity council and industry stakeholders, certify at least 5 cybersecurity training programs for state and local employees and state agency contractors, and update standards for maintenance of certification by the training programs. The bill sets forth requirements for certification.

At least once each year a state or local government employee who uses a computer to complete at least 25% of required duties would be required to complete a certified cybersecurity training. The bill provides for accountability to ensure this training takes place. 

State agencies would be required to ensure that contractors with access to state computers or database systems also complete certified cybersecurity training. Cybersecurity training would be required to be included in state contracts awarded to contractors.

The purpose of this bill is to ensure that government employees and relevant state contractors are properly trained in cybersecurity to prevent unauthorized data breaches of sensitive information and ensure that the state's critical digital infrastructure is protected. 

Vote Recommendation Notes

We support HB 3834. It is within the proper scope of government to ensure that information is protected from unauthorized access. The state maintains an incredible amount of sensitive information and as a growing amount of that information is stored electronically on networks that are connected to the internet, it is wise and prudent to take appropriate efforts to prevent those networks from being penetrated by people with malicious intent. People with access to those systems should be well-trained to ensure that they do not unwittingly create cybersecurity vulnerabilities. For these reasons, we support HB 3834.

Organizations Supporting

Republican Party of Texas
Texas Business Leadership Council