HB 1342

86(R) - 2019
House Corrections
House Corrections
Occupational Licensing

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Jeff Leach
Alma A. Allen

Bill Caption

Relating to the consequences of a criminal conviction on a person's eligibility for an occupational license.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.

Bill Analysis

HB 1342 is intended to enhance opportunities for a person to obtain gainful employment after the person has been convicted of an offense and completed their sentence. The bill should be construed to carry out this intent. HB 1342 would prevent a licensing authority from suspending or revoking a license to a person from an offense they committed which is unrelated to the duties and responsibilities of the licensed profession within the last 5 years. The bill would have a licensing board consider any correlation between the elements of the crime and the specific duties and responsibilities of the licensed occupation.

If a licensing authority determines the offenders crime is directly related to the duties and responsibilities of the profession,  bill would have them consider if the offender complied with conditions of community supervision or parole for determining if the offender can hold a license. If a licensing authority denies a person a license they must provide them written notice of the denial and allow them 30 days to submit any relevant information.

Vote Recommendation Notes

Texas Action supports HB 1342 because it advances the principles of personal responsibility, individual liberty and the free market. The bill assists offenders who have taken responsibility and served time for their offense obtain gainful employment. Once an offenders debt to society is paid they should be able to fully participate in the free market.