HB 26

85(1) - 2017
House Natural Resources
House Natural Resources

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Lyle Larson

Bill Caption

Relating to the regulation of groundwater.

Fiscal Notes

From LBB: No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated. 

Bill Analysis

HB 26 would stipulate that the rules in effect on the date an application for a permit or permit amendment is submitted to a groundwater district are the only district rules that may govern the district's decision to grant or deny the application.

This bill would update and clarify language regarding the export of water out of one district for use in another district.

This bill would prohibit a district from denying a permit because the applicant intends to export water out of the district. The bill would automatically extend the term of certain existing permits.

The bill would prohibit a district from placing a moratorium on the issuance of permits unless the district first makes supporting findings and complies with prescribed public notice and hearing requirements.  

Vote Recommendation Notes

This legislation supports limited government and property rights by making groundwater permitting processes more transparent and predictable, and by making it more difficult for groundwater districts to use the bureaucratic process to unnecessarily delay or deny permit applications. For these reasons we support HB 26.