SJR 38

85(R) - 2017
Senate State Affairs
Senate State Affairs
10th Amendment
United States Constitution

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Craig Estes

Bill Caption

Rescinding each and every application made at any time by the Texas Legislature to the United States Congress to call a national convention under Article V of the United States Constitution.

Bill Analysis

The Texas Legislature has at various times passed resolutions calling for an Article V convention and will likely pass another this session. This resolution would rescind all applications for an Article V convention by the Texas Legislature prior to the 85th Legislature.

Vote Recommendation Notes

An Article V convention, also known as a convention of the states, is a mechanism to amend the United States Constitution. The purpose of the convention would be to reduce government and realign the proper balance between federal and state power. It has long been thought that calling an Article V convention is a long shot with little chance of success. In recent years, however, convention supporters have built enough momentum that it is feasible a convention may actually be called. 

By rescinding previous applications to Congress for an Article V convention, SJR 38 would place any application to Congress passed by the 85th Legislature as the single valid application. This would help prevent a "runaway convention" by limiting the scope of a convention to only those subjects called for by the 85th Legislature.

Because we support an Article V convention as a mechanism to limit the size, scope, and cost of government, and because this bill supports limited government by narrowing the scope of a convention, we support SJR 38.