SB 651

85(R) - 2017
Occupational Licensing

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Brian Birdwell
Bryan Hughes
Charles Perry

Bill Caption

Relating to discrimination by a state agency against an applicant for or holder of an occupational license.

Bill Analysis

SB 651 would amend the Occupations Code SB 651 would amend the Occupations Code to add that a state agency that issues a license or otherwise regulates a business, occupation, or profession may not adopt any rule, regulation, or policy that: limits an applicant’s ability to obtain a license based on a religious belief or burdens a license holder’s freedom of speech regarding a religious belief or membership in a religious organization.

Vote Recommendation Notes

This bill enhances our individual liberty and limited government principles by taking a measure to strengthen the constitutionally protected right of freedom of religion for an applicant or holder of an occupational license. However, we would like to note that this potential conflict can be avoided by eliminating license requirements. We support SB 651.