SB 599

85(R) - 2017
Senate Transportation
Senate Transportation

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Konni Burton

Bill Caption

Relating to the deferral and reduction or waiver of certain surcharges assessed under the driver responsibility program.

Fiscal Notes

The fiscal implications of the bill cannot be determined at this time. It is unknown to what extent those assessed surcharges under the Driver Responsibility Program would participate in or successfully complete drug court programs and by what amount a court would reduce or waive surcharges should that occur.

Bill Analysis

Current law regulating the driver responsibility program does not allow for deferral or reduction of surcharges other than deployed military personal.


SB 599 would add a section to current Transportation Code that would authorize a court to defer surcharges assessed under the driver responsibility program for individuals participating in a drug court. 


The individual must have completed the drug court program in order for the court to reduce the surcharges assessed against the person.  Regardless of the date the surcharge was assessed, this new section would apply to surcharges pending on the effective date.

Vote Recommendation Notes

The driver responsibility program is an unsuccessful overburdensome government program.  We recommend a vote of YES on SB 599 because the bill would reduce the burden this government program has on the citizens of Texas.  Therefore, the bill is promoting our liberty principle of limited government.

We suggest amending this legislation to repeal the driver responsibility program altogether.