SB 463

85(R) - 2017
Senate Education
House Public Education
Senate Education
House Public Education

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Kel Seliger


Brian Birdwell
Sylvia Garcia
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Joan Huffman
Bryan Hughes
Eddie Lucio Jr.
Borris Miles
Charles Perry
Justin Rodriguez
Charles Schwertner
Kel Seliger
Carlos Uresti
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Royce West
Judith Zaffirini


Dan Huberty

Bill Caption

Relating to the use of individual graduation committees to satisfy certain public high school graduation requirements.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated. 

Bill Analysis

Current law requires that individual graduation committees allow students to graduate if they pass the TSI benchmark for a corresponding Algebra I or English II class, that they previously failed. This requirement has an expiration date of September 1, 2017. This bill would remove expiration date to make the requirement permanent. .

SB 463 would also amend the Education code to establish a program that would determine if a student, who enrolled in the ninth grade prior to 2011-2012 and has failed required exams for graduation three times or more, may graduate with a high school diploma.

The bill requires the commissioner to adopt rules to administer these provisions and, in adopting the rules, to designate the public school district in which a student is enrolled or was last enrolled to make the decision regarding whether the student qualifies to graduate and receive a high school diploma and establish criteria for districts to develop recommendations for alternative requirements by which a student to whom these provisions apply may qualify to graduate and receive a high school diploma. A decision rendered by the district would be final and may not be

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This legislation does not affect our liberty principles and we remain neutral.