SB 2149

85(R) - 2017
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Joan Huffman

Bill Caption

Relating to early in-person voting by voters who reside at a residential care facility.

Fiscal Notes

No signifiant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated. 

Bill Analysis

This bill would require that if five or more residents of a long term care residential facility (including a hospital) send mail-in ballot applications, an election judge shall bring ballots in person to the voters at the facility. The election judge would be responsible for assisting with filling in the ballot if necessary and serving as witness. The election judge would seal the ballots and deliver them to the early voting clerk. Certain requirements would be placed on the residential facility to help facilitate early voting at the facility including providing a space to conduct early voting, allowing required notices to be posted, and allowing an election judge to enter the private room of a resident of the facility. 

Vote Recommendation Notes

The intent of this bill is to reduce voter fraud committed by people who fraudulently cast ballots on behalf of long term residential care patients. Improving the integrity of elections and preventing a person's ballot from being fraudulently cast by another person supports our individual liberty principle. However, imposing a mandate on a private business to facilitate an early voting election infringes on limited government. Due to this conflict we remain neutral.