HB 811

85(R) - 2017
House Public Education
House Public Education

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Ken King


DeWayne Burns
Dustin Burrows
Wayne Faircloth
Ryan Guillen
Chris Paddie
Leighton Schubert
Paul Workman

Bill Caption

Relating to the extension of additional state aid for tax reduction provided to certain school districts.

Fiscal Notes

Estimated Two-year Net Impact to General Revenue Related Funds for HB 811, Committee Report 1st House, Substituted: a negative impact of ($366,600,000) through the biennium ending August 31, 2019. 

Bill Analysis

This bill would extend provisions that would allow districts to take advantage of more state aid until 2019, as long as the amount that the district would have received in state and local revenue is less than the state and local revenue that would have been available if the increase in the residence homestead exemption and the additional limitation on tax increases, adopted by the 84th Legislature, had not occurred. HB 811 would also make districts receiving less than 4 percent of total M&O revenue from ASATR ineligible for the additional aid. The measure would also prevent districts that receive no ASATR funding for fiscal years 2017 and later from requalifying for ASATR in a subsequent year.

Vote Recommendation Notes

HB 811 aims to continue the practice of recapture by extending the date that property poorer districts can be eligible for more state aid by another two years. This violates our limited government principle and we oppose HB 811.