HB 338

85(R) - 2017

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Dustin Burrows

Bill Caption

Relating to acreage contracts and quantity contracts for the purchase of agricultural products.

Bill Analysis

Under current law, there is no clear outlining of the legal obligations and liabilities associated with acreage contracts. HB 338 would add a section to the Agriculture Code to provide such a clarification.

An acreage contract would exist where a producer agrees to sell to a purchaser all of the agricultural product grown on a specified land area. Specifically, HB 338 would require the contract to clearly identify if it is an acreage or quantity contract; allow the purchaser to request a product estimate from the producer in the specified land area; and would allow the purchaser to file suit only in cases where inaccuracies are contained in a estimate requested within 30 days of the execution of the acreage contract.

Vote Recommendation Notes

On the one hand this bill offends the principle of limited government by mandating certain provisions of private contract; on the other hand this bill affirms the principle of limited government by limiting liability for agricultural producers who engage in acreage contracts. Due to this conflict we remain neutral on HB 338.