HB 3265

85(R) - 2017
House Culture, Recreation, & Tourism
House Culture, Recreation, & Tourism

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SB 1630

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Donna Howard

Bill Caption

Relating to cemeteries.

Bill Analysis

HB 3265 would statutorily define several terms including "abandoned cemetery", "unidentified grave", "unknown cemetery", and "unmarked grave". This bill would allow a justice of the peace acting as a coroner or medical examiner to investigate or remove remains from unmarked graves in an abandoned or unverified cemetery without written order of the state registrar. Next, the Texas Historical Commission, with consent of the landowner, would be allowed to investigate a suspected but unverified cemetery. Finally, a procedure for notice of an unverified cemetery would be established along with procedures for a landowner response and a final determination of the status of the unverified cemetery.

Vote Recommendation Notes

This bill supports property rights by ensuring that the investigation of an unverified cemetery on private land requires the consent of the landowner. We support this bill.