HB 3238

85(R) - 2017
House Transportation
House Transportation
Criminal Procedure

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Poncho Nevarez

Bill Caption

Relating to the regulation of unmanned aircrafts by political subdivisions.

Fiscal Notes

No fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.

Bill Analysis

This bill would prevent political subdivisions from adopting or enforcing any ordinance, order, or other similar measure regarding the ownership or operation of an unmanned aircraft. However, they would still be permitted to adopt and enforce policies regarding their own use of unmanned aircraft. They would also be allowed to adopt and enforce policies related to unmanned aircraft near a facility or infrastructure owned by the political subdivision, if they apply for and receive authorization from the FAA. They would also have to provide reasonable notice of a public hearing on their intention to apply for the authorization to regulate the use and ownership of unmanned aircraft. 

Vote Recommendation Notes

This bill upholds our commitment to limited government by preventing localities from adopting their own rules in regard to unmanned aircraft. However, it would still allow them to regulate the use near critical infrastructure if they get approval from the FAA. For this bill’s role in preventing local governments from overregulating the private use of drone aircraft we support HB 3238.