HB 2465

85(R) - 2017
House General Investigating & Ethics
House General Investigating & Ethics
General Investigating & Ethics

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Sarah Davis

Bill Caption

Relating to political contributions by corporations and labor organizations to certain political committees.

Fiscal Notes

From the LBB: No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated. 

Bill Analysis

This bill would codify a court order to allow a corporation or labor organization to make a political contribution from its own property to a political committee if the political committee is not established or controlled by a candidate or officeholder, makes direct campaign expenditures, doesn’t make contributions to a candidate, officeholder, specific purpose committee established or controlled by a candidate or an officeholder or a political committee that makes political contributions to a candidate or officeholder, and has filed an affidavit with the commission state the committees intent to follow the statute. 

Vote Recommendation Notes

This bill would further our individual liberty and limited government principles by protecting free speech in the form of political speech, therefore we support HB 2456.