HB 2305

85(R) - 2017
House Government Transparency & Operation
Senate Business & Commerce
House Government Transparency & Operation
Senate Business & Commerce
State Agencies

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Ryan Guillen


Craig Estes

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Relating to the operations, reports, records, communications, information technology, and notice procedures of state agencies and to the electronic publication of certain state legal materials.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated, although some agencies may experience an indeterminate but positive fiscal impact as a result of being able to transmit and receive documents in electronic format.

Bill Analysis

HB 2305 would amend the Government Code to update numerous reporting requirements.

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission would be required to submit a report to the Governor and Legislative Budget Board every odd-numbered year that outlines all statutorily required reports prepared by and submitted to a state agency. A state agency would be required to use the Texas Digital Archive to submit or post a report required by a statute, rule, or rider in the General Appropriations Act. A state agency may transmit and receive documents in a format prescribed by the agency that will increase agency efficiency.

In a state agency’s appropriations request it would be required to report on any cost savings or achievements in efficiency recognized from implementing a change in the agency’s procedures. The comptroller would be required to conduct a study on the mailing operations of each state agency to identify provisions of law relating to the mailing requirements for the agency that impede the efficiency of transmission of documents.

Each state agency would be required to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the agency's vehicle fleet management, including vehicle acquisition methods and agreements to operate vehicle maintenance and repair facilities that are owned or operated by this state. Various codes would be amended to allow for the electronic transmission or receipt of certain documents. The Department of Information Resources would be required to submit a report to the Legislative Budget Board that outlines the IT infrastructure of each agency, cloud computing services of each agency, and security and operational risks and recommendations to address those risks.

Vote Recommendation Notes

This bill makes a series of changes to reporting procedures and does not appear to have a connection to our liberty principles, therefore we remain neutral. That being said it does seem reasonable to speculate that this bill could lead to some increased efficiency in reporting and perhaps some cost savings as well.

Organizations Supporting

Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas