HB 2271

85(R) - 2017
House Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence
Senate State Affairs
House Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence
Senate State Affairs
Administrator of Estates

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John Wray


José Rodríguez

Bill Caption

Relating to decedents' estates and certain posthumous gifts.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.

Bill Analysis

HB 2271 would update the estates code and property code to update procedures and clarify rights for people with an interest in an estate.

The bill would define a the terms "next of kin" and "nearest of kin".

The bill would make procedural changes to survivorship agreements including updating the criteria for estate entitlements without a personal representative appointment, the procedures regarding wills and their proof, and the procedures regarding estate accounts. 

Procedures would be established for certain trusts with divorced individuals as joint settlors including providing for the distribution of assets, a private cause of action against certain financial institutions holding the escrow accounts of a deceased attorney, and posthumous gifts.

This bill would repeal sections of code which prohibit the closing of an estate until all state inheritance taxes, interests, and properties passing through the representative's possession have been paid.

Vote Recommendation Notes

HB 2271 does not appear to have a connection to our liberty principles, therefore we remain neutral.