HB 1789

85(R) - 2017
House Transportation
House Transportation
Transportation & Infrastructure

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Joe Pickett

Bill Caption

Relating to motor vehicle size and weight limitations.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.

Bill Analysis

Current law prohibits a vehicle from carrying a load that extends more than three feet beyond its front or more than four feet beyond its rear. Additionally, vehicles operated over the border between Texas and the United Mexican States may not exceed a maximum weight of for a single axle of 20,000 and a tandem axle of 34,000.


House Bill 1789 amends Transportation Code relating to the length requirements for automobile transporters, which would be defined in the provision. Automobile transporters that are stinger-steered (truck-tractor and semitrailer combination in which the fifth wheel is located on a drop frame located behind and below the rearmost axle of the truck-tractor) may transport cargo that extends no more than four feet beyond the front or six feet beyond the rear.


Furthermore, the bill would amend statute by increasing the weight requirements for emergency vehicles that operate on a public highway between Texas and the United Mexican States.

Vote Recommendation Notes

The authority to make changes to cross border transportation is clearly within the legitimate responsibility of the government, the provisions of this bill have no relationship to our liberty principles. HB 1789 neither uplifts nor offends our liberty principles, therefore we remain neutral.