HB 1620

85(R) - 2017
House Human Services
House Human Services
Department of Health
Health & Human Services

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Cindy Burkett
Ina Minjarez
Scott Sanford


Cole Hefner
Mike Lang

Bill Caption

Relating to a voluntary temporary caregiver program providing temporary care for children removed from their homes.

Fiscal Notes

From the LBB: No significant fiscal implication is anticipated. 

Bill Analysis

This bill would require the the creation of a voluntary temporary caregiver program and application to allow a child to be placed in the care of an individual who is approved as a temporary caregiver under this section. Regulations and eligibility requirements would apply. A voluntary temporary caregiver would The bill would require a voluntary temporary caregiver to agree to care for a child placed with the caregiver for at least 14 days.

Vote Recommendation Notes

This bill would help to allow for the temporary placement of children judicially removed from homes until a longer term placement can be made. This would enhance our personal responsibility principle by providing a way for people who want to help but do not have the ability to serve as a full time caregiver to do so on a temporary basis. This would also benefit children who are removed from homes but sometimes have to stay temporarily in state offices while a placement is located. For these reasons we support HB 1620.