84(R) - 2015
Senate Veteran Affairs & Military Installations
Senate Veteran Affairs & Military Installations
Homeland Security

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HCR 61

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Craig Estes


Paul Bettencourt
Brian Birdwell
Konni Burton
Donna Campbell
Brandon Creighton
Troy Fraser
Bob Hall
Kelly Hancock
Don Huffines
Joan Huffman
Lois Kolkhorst
Jane Nelson
Robert Nichols
Charles Schwertner
Kel Seliger

Bill Caption

Urging Congress to reimburse the State of Texas for bearing the financial burden of the federal government's responsibility to secure the Texas-Mexico international border.

Fiscal Notes

No fiscal note.

Bill Analysis

This Continuing Resolution conveys the Texas Senate' dissatisfaction with the federal government's insufficient efforts to secure the border between Texas and Mexico.

Vote Recommendation Notes

The statement of intent said it best.

"Pursuant to the United States Constitution, the federal government is vested with the responsibility to secure international borders. The federal government, however, has repeatedly refused to allocate the resources necessary to fulfill its constitutional duty to secure the nation's southern border with Mexico."

Clearly the federal government is not fulfilling its Constitutional responsibility to secure the border, causing the state of Texas to step up to fill the void that the federal level has caused. The state of Texas should be reimbursed for the expenses that have accrued due to the federal government's dereliction of its Constitutional duties.