SB 806

84(R) - 2015
Senate Veteran Affairs & Military Installations
Senate Veteran Affairs & Military Installations
Higher Education

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Donna Campbell


Eddie Lucio Jr.
Jose Menendez

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Relating to the College Credit for Heroes program.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.

Bill Analysis

This legislation makes College Credit for Heroes a permanent program, instead of a 'demonstration' as established in 2011. This bill also requires the Texas Workforce Commission to coordinate with the the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to generate a report each year by November 1 that compiles the results of the grants given out, best practices for getting veterans the most college credit in exchange for their military service and training, and discusses the steps needed to maximize the incorporation of this program into higher education institutions across Texas. 

Vote Recommendation Notes

This legislation makes the College Credit for Heroes a permanent program statewide, but not mandatory for schools to offer to their veterans. There is no fiscal impact anticipated to the state.

Many higher education institutions offer college credit for certain course work based on business and professional experience. Rather than make students take courses covering areas they have already demonstrated proficiency in, programs like these allow students to receive the relevant course credit so they can focus on other courses on their path to graduation. We support extending this opportunity to military veterans.

As military veterans take the initiative to further their education it makes little sense to require them to take courses which their experience clearly indicates they do not need classroom instruction in. This program allows institutions to recognize that and award transferable college credit as appropriate. 

There may also be some savings to taxpayers as service members and veterans receive experience based credit for courses they may otherwise pay for under the provisions of taxpayer funded programs such as the GI Bill.

Participation in this course is voluntary and places no new government mandates on universities or on students. Extending this program supports the individual liberty of our military veterans and rewards their personal responsibility by applying their experience in lieu of course work in awarding college credit where applicable.