SB 582

84(R) - 2015
Senate Health & Human Services
Senate Health & Human Services
Health & Human Services

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Lois Kolkhorst

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Relating to training courses for certain food handlers.

Fiscal Notes

No fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.

There could be loss of revenue if local health jurisdictions are unable to charge administration fees for the registration of American National Standards Institute courses. The revenue loss of the entity would vary depending on the fee amount, the number of individuals registering and the size of the local health jurisdiction. Based on the factors above, the bill could have significant fiscal impact on local governmental entities.

According to the Texas Association of City and County Health Officials (TACCHO), if local health districts are unable to recover administration costs, an estimated loss to ten local health districts would be $1.5 million.  These districts include Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services, Angelina County and Cities Health District, Bell County Public Health District, City of El Paso Health District, Grayson County Health Department, Laredo Health Department, Northeast Texas Public Health District, San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, Wichita Falls-Wichita County Public Health District, and Williamson County and Cities Health District.

Bill Analysis

The bill would amend Chapter 438 of the Health and Safety Code.

Current law states a local health jurisdiction that requires training for a food service worker must accept as sufficient to meet the jurisdiction’s training and testing requirements a training course that is accredited by the department and listed with the registry.

The bill would expand the list of training courses a local health jurisdiction would be required to accept. A food service worker trained in a food handler training course accredited by the American National Standards Institute would be considered to have met a local health jurisdiction’s training, testing, and permitting requirements.

Also, the bill would authorize a local health jurisdiction to require a food establishment to maintain a certificate of completion on the training for the employees on the premises of the food establishment.

5/20/15 update: 

The House committee substitute adds the following language, which gives further definition to who is qualified:

"A food service worker trained in a food handler training course accredited by the American National Standards Institute is considered to have met a local health jurisdiction's training, testing, and permitting requirements. A local health jurisdiction may require a food establishment, as that term is defined by Section 438.101, to maintain on the premises of the food establishment a certificate of completion of the training course for employees of the food establishment."

The second chamber sponsor is Representative Patricia Harless.

Vote Recommendation Notes

5/20/15 update:

See analysis above for House committee modifications. We continue to support the bill.


Expanding the list of satisfactory training courses to meet a local health jurisdiction’s training, testing, and permitting requirements enhances a prospective food handler’s training options in a given jurisdiction. We support SB 582 because it supports our individual liberty and free market principles.

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Texas Restaurant Association