SB 277

84(R) - 2015
Senate Health & Human Services
Senate Health & Human Services
Government Efficiency & Reform
Health & Human Services

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Charles Schwertner

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Relating to certain health-related and other task forces and advisory committees.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal implication to the State or units of local government is anticipated.

A reduction in the number of advisory committees could result in savings, to the degree such committees are not reestablished in rule. The bill would also combine the Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee and the Drug Utilization Review Board which could result in savings, by consolidating the vendor contracts that support the separate committees. This analysis assumes that the agencies could implement provisions of the bill with existing resources.

Bill Analysis

The bill would amend chapters in the Government Code, Human Resources Code, and Health and Safety Code by abolishing the following advisory committees:

  • Interagency Task Force on Electronic Benefits Transfer
  • Medicaid and Public Assistance Fraud Oversight Task Force
  • Advisory Committee on Inpatient Mental Health Services
  • Interagency Inspection Task Force
  • Local Authority Network Advisory Committee
  • Worksite Wellness Advisory Board
  • Sickle Cell Advisory Committee
  • Arthritis Advisory Committee
  • Advisory Panel on Health Care-Associated Infections and Preventable Adverse Events
  • Youth Camp Training Advisory Committee
  • Drug Demand Reduction Advisory Committee
  • Texas Medical Child Abuse Resources and Education System (MEDCARES) Advisory Committee
  • Interagency Task Force on Ensuring Appropriate Care Settings for Persons with Disabilities
  • Children’s Policy Council

The bill sets forth provisions stating the STAR Kids Managed Care Advisory Committee and Intellectual and Developmental Disability System Redesign Advisory Committee would be abolished after the one-year anniversary of HHSC’s implementation of transition plans. 23 additional advisory committees would be abolished on the effective date of Article 2. The bill would also establish the Drug Utilization Review Board.


The bill would require the executive commissioner of the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to establish and maintain advisory committees to consider issues and solicit public input across all major areas of the health and human services system, including:

  • Medicaid and other social services programs;
  • Managed care under Medicaid and the child health plan program;
  • Health care quality initiatives;
  • Aging;
  • Persons with disabilities, including persons with autism;
  • Rehabilitation, including persons with brain injuries;
  • Children;
  • Public health;
  • Behavioral health;
  • Regulatory matters;
  • Protective services; and
  • Prevention efforts.

Chapter 2110 of the Government Code would apply to the establishment of advisory committees under Section 531.012 of the Government Code.


Each of the following state agencies or systems would be required to provide funds to support the Texas Institute of Health Care Quality and Efficiency (TIHCQE) and implement Chapter 1002 of the Health and Safety Code:

  1. Department of State Health Services
  2. Health and Human Services Commission
  3. Texas Department of Insurance
  4. Employees Retirement System of Texas
  5. Teacher Retirement System of Texas
  6. Texas Medical Board
  7. Department of Aging and Disability Services
  8. Texas Workforce Commission
  9. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board; and
  10. Each state agency or system of higher education that purchases or provides health care services, as determined by the governor.

Vote Recommendation Notes

Transferring duties of extraneous advisory committees to the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) would consolidate government oversight. This is in alignment with the principle of limited government. We support SB 277.

The second chamber sponsor is Representative J.D. Sheffield.