SB 2062

84(R) - 2015
Senate Education
Senate Education
Charter Schools 

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Larry Taylor

Bill Caption

Relating to authorizing certain charter holders to provide combined services for certain adult and high school dropout recovery programs.

Fiscal Notes


No significant fiscal implication anticipated.

Local Government

The Excel Center and the Excel Center for Adults charter schools, operated by Goodwill Industries of Central Texas, could have students from ages 17 to 50 share classrooms, cafeterias, and activities as an exception to Section 25.001(b02), Education Code, which prohibits placement of students younger than 19 years of age with older students who have not attended school for the preceding three years.
The charter school would experience some administrative costs savings by not being required to separate older students from younger students.

Bill Analysis

SB 2062 would allow charter schools that have an adult education program and a dropout recovery program to place students age 17 years or older in the same facilities, classroom settings, learning environments, or school sanctioned events.

Vote Recommendation Notes

This bill would affirm the principle of limited government. By lifting regulations that prevent older students from sharing facilities with younger students, this would allow a charter school to exercise their own discretion and potentially experience cost savings. For this reason, we support SB 2062.