SB 2020

84(R) - 2015
Senate Intergovernmental Relations
Senate Intergovernmental Relations
Intergovernmental Affairs

Companion Bill

HB 4149

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Brandon Creighton

Bill Caption

Relating to the powers, operations, and boundaries of The Woodlands Township; authorizing a fee.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal impact to the State or local governments is expected. 

Bill Analysis

SB 2020 seeks to amend the powers and operations of The Woodlands Township to include developing, maintaining, and promoting safe and efficient public transit to reduce congestion in the district or adjacent to the district. The district may apply for and receive state and federal transportation funding, including grants or other assistance. The district may charge a fare, fee, rate, toll, or other charge for the use of a district transportation project, facility, program, or service.  

Vote Recommendation Notes

5/25/15 update:

No changes have been made to this bill in House committee. The second chamber sponsor is Representative Keough.


SB 2020 is a purely local bill aimed at reducing transportation congestion through the development of new mass transportation projects. As the township's population continues to grow they need their transportation infrastructure to keep up. However, due to the nature of townships they cannot simply deal with this at the local level and must go through the state channels. We are neutral on this legislation.