SB 1494

84(R) - 2015
Senate Education
Senate Education

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Carlos Uresti

Bill Caption

Relating to the educational needs of homeless students.

Fiscal Notes

No fiscal impact to State.

Local Government Impact

School districts would experience administrative costs to the extent that these districts are not currently providing certain transition services to homeless students. Administrative costs would vary depending on whether districts were currently offering these services or not and the number of homeless students in the district.

Bill Analysis

SB 1494 amends Education Code to extend assistance concerning transferring records, course credit, and etc offered to students in substitute care to students who are homeless.

Vote Recommendation Notes

The bill would affirm the principle of personal responsibility, therefore we support this legislation.  This would allow homeless students to take advantage of making sure their records have been transferred and they are receiving the correct course credit, among other things, therefore allowing them more control over their education.