SB 1434

84(R) - 2015
Senate Education
Senate Education

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Van Taylor

Bill Caption

Relating to counting time spent by students participating in certain approved off-campus instructional programs in calculation of the average daily attendance for a school district or open-enrollment charter school.

Fiscal Notes

State Impact

The bill would have an indeterminate effect on state cost under the Foundation School Program per parameters established by rules adopted by the Commissioner of Education under the bill.

Local Government Impact

School districts experiencing increased average daily attendance under rules adopted in accordance with the provisions of the bill would realize additional revenue.

Bill Analysis

SB 1434 would authorize the Commissioner of Education allow a student's participation in an off-campus instructional program provided by an entity other than a school district or charter school to be counted for the purpose of calculating average daily attendance under the Foundation School Program (FSP)

Vote Recommendation Notes

While this bill could lead to an increase in the cost of public education, if the average daily attendance at public schools increased overall as a result of this legislation, any the significance of a potential increase is purely speculative at this point. Without knowing what rules the commissioner would promulgate and how significantly the average daily attendance would be changed there is no basis for projecting a cost associated with SB 1434. As such, this bill does not affirm or abridge the principles of liberty, therefore we are neutral on this legislation.

It is notable that this bill, if enacted, may help to promote parent choice in education by allowing for additional education options off campus without creating truancy implications due to nonattendance.