SB 1296

84(R) - 2015
Senate Administration
Senate Administration

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Royce West

Bill Caption

Relating to nonsubstantive additions to and corrections in enacted codes, to the nonsubstantive codification or disposition of various laws omitted from enacted codes, and to conforming codifications enacted by the 83rd Legislature to other Acts of that legislature.

Fiscal Notes

No fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.

Bill Analysis

SB 1296 would be a continuation of the state’s ongoing efforts to revise and codify existing laws while streamlining it with newer codifications enacted by the 83rd Legislature.  Additionally, this bill would not make substantive changes, but it would make necessary corrections to the codes and statutes. These corrections would include repealing or renumbering duplicative titles, chapters, and sections.   

This legislation would make changes to the following:

  • Alcoholic Beverage Code
  • Civil Practice and Remedies Code
  • Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Education Code
  • Election Code
  • Family Code
  • Finance Code
  • Government Code
  • Health and Safety Code
  • Insurance Code
  • Local Government Code
  • Natural Resources Code
  • Occupations Code
  • Special District Local Laws Code
  • Tax Code
  • Transportation Code
  • Water Code
  • Civil Statutes 

Vote Recommendation Notes

According to the author’s statement of intent, Section 323.007 of the Government Code requires the Texas Legislative Council (TLC) to make changes to the Texas statutes so that they are clear in its intent.  These changes may not be substantive in nature. 

Current law prohibits each bill (except appropriations) from covering more than one subject or title. However, Section 43, Article III of the Texas Constitution says that this prohibition does not apply to bills that revise the laws without substantive changes. Thus, this legislation is allowed to make changes across multiple subjects or titles because its only purpose is to clarify, make corrections, and assimilate existing law with new laws.

In our analysis of the bill, we agree that there are no substantive changes to this bill. For these reasons, we stand neutral on SB 1296 because it does not negatively or positively affect our liberty principles.