SB 1252

84(R) - 2015
Senate Veteran Affairs & Military Installations
Senate Veteran Affairs & Military Installations

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Bob Hall


Lois Kolkhorst
Charles Perry
Van Taylor

Bill Caption

Relating to an interstate compact on border security and immigration enforcement; authorizing fines and fees.

Fiscal Notes

The fiscal implications of the bill cannot be determined at this time because information regarding variables such as when the interstate compact for border security would take effect is not available. 

Bill Analysis

This legislation does a few things:

First, the bill would make a clear statutory definition of the term "illegal alien". 

Second, this legislation would require the governor to coordinate, develop, and execute an interstate compact for border security among interested states; call a special session of the legislature to adopt a compact on or before the 31st day after another state adopts the compact; and seek the approval of the United States Congress for the compact.

Finally, this legislation lays out specific parameters within the compact if one is created and agreed to. Among the criteria is to determine operational control of the state's border with Mexico by the total detection and apprehension or deflection of illegal aliens attempting to cross the border into this state, and continue enforcing federal immigration laws, including detecting, apprehending, detaining, prosecuting, releasing, and monitoring of illegal aliens.

Vote Recommendation Notes

We support this legislation for individual liberty, personal responsibility, limited government, and property rights. 

This legislation defines the term "illegal alien" with very clear language. Also, this legislation, after seeking the approval of Congress, would set up a system to coordinate with other border states to resolve border security issues. This state and regional approach to the problem comports with the principle of federalism, which is a tenant of limited government, in order to provide a solution to the problem of illegal immigration. This is particularly necessary considering that the federal government has been grossly negligent in its duty to secure the international border and that the border states are disproportionately adversely affected.