HCR 90

84(R) - 2015
House Natural Resources
House Natural Resources

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Todd Hunter

Bill Caption

Requesting the speaker and lieutenant governor to create a joint interim committee to study seawater desalination on the Texas coast.

Fiscal Notes

There is no fiscal note for this legislation.

Bill Analysis

HCR 90, if passed, would resolve that the Texas legislature, lieutenant governor, and speaker of the House of Representatives form a committee to study desalination on the Texas Coast, and resolved that the proceedings be governed by the rules of the legislature. This resolution is preceded by statements regarding the size of Texas, the success of desalination projects elsewhere, and the importance of water to the prosperity of Texas.

Vote Recommendation Notes

This resolution proposes a study which in itself has no substantive connection to our liberty principles. We are neutral.

Organizations Supporting

Environmental Stewardship
Koch Companies
Texas Conference of Urban Counties
Texas Desalination Association
The Sierra Club