HB 679

84(R) - 2015
House Human Services
House Human Services
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Sylvester Turner

Bill Caption

Relating to a study on homeless youth.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.

No fiscal implication to units of local government is anticipated.

Bill Analysis

The bill would add a subchapter to Chapter 2306 of the Government Code. The bill would require the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA), in conjunction with other members of the Texas Interagency Council for the Homeless, to conduct a study on homeless youth. The study would require the entities to collect data on the number of homeless youth in Texas, examine their needs and the degree to which current programs are meeting their needs, and identify any sources of funding that might be available to provide services to such youth.

The bill would define homeless youth as a person who is younger than 19 years of age, including a migratory child, who spends nights in a public or private place not ordinarily used as a regular sleeping accommodation for humans, but also as a youth that has found other accommodation, such as staying at another family’s residence due to a loss of housing, or temporarily living in a motel or hotel.

The bill would also require TDHCA to submit a report to the legislature containing a summary of information and recommendations for changes in law necessary to provide services to or otherwise assist homeless youth.

Vote Recommendation Notes

5/24/2015 Update:

Due to the adoption of an amendment in the Senate tonight, our objection to this bill has been satisfied. We have revised our position to neutral and no longer object to final passage of the bill. 

5/23/2015 Update:

This bill is substantively the same as when we reported on it in its original chamber. We continue to take a vote no; amend position on HB 679. The second chamber sponsor is Senator Zaffirini.

First chamber recommendation:

HB 679 is a bill that can help address homelessness among youth by gauging how many youth are homeless and what can be done for them. However, this bill would require agencies to study people that have taken responsibility and found accommodations that humans would normally seek, such as a friend’s house or a hotel. Finding these youth for the purpose of giving them government help does not promote their choice to take personal responsibility and find adequate accommodation. This study should focus on the youth that have not found such accommodations. Therefore our position is vote no unless HB 679 is amended to strike Sections 2306.1101 (1) (a-b).

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Texas Homeless Network