HB 4184

84(R) - 2015
Senate Intergovernmental Relations
Senate Intergovernmental Relations

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Jason Isaac

Bill Caption

Relating to the Hays County Development District No. 1.

Fiscal Notes

No fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.

Bill Analysis

HB 4184 would allow the Hays County Development District No. 1 to levy, assess, and collect ad valorem taxes through elections held after the original date of November 7, 2000. 

The district may not exercise the power of eminent domain outside the district and in the corporate limits or extraterritorial jurisdiction of a municipality unless the governing body of the municipality consents by ordinance or resolution.

A director would be entitled to receive fees of office and reimbursement for actual expenses of not more than $200 a day for each day the director actually spends performing the duties of a director and not more than $8,200 annually. 

HB 4184 would remove the provision stating that the principal function of the district is to provide for development and operation of the project, to facilitate economic development, and to attract visitors and tourists. 

Land added or annexed to supply fresh water for domestic or commercial use or to furnish sanitary sewer services, roadways, or drainages is not required to be contiguous to the district ’s territory. 

HB 4184 shifts the purpose of the district to develop roads and water projects. 

Vote Recommendation Notes

HB 4184 restructures the Hays County Development District No. 1 to focus on road and water developments while removing the districts emphasis on economic development. This bill steers the district away from an improper role of government that distorts free markets and spends tax payer money on developing tourism. We support HB 4184 for limiting government. 

The second chamber sponsor is Sen. Campbell.