HB 3852

84(R) - 2015
House Juvenile Justice & Family Issues
House Juvenile Justice & Family Issues

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Joe Moody

Bill Caption

Relating to contempt of court committed by certain juvenile offenders and the detention of certain juvenile offenders.

Fiscal Notes

Both the Office of Court Administration and the Juvenile Justice Department indicate that implementing bill provisions is not anticipated to have a significant fiscal implication for the state.

Bill Analysis

HB 3852 would specify that conduct that violates a lawful order of a court in a case for a status offense, under circumstances that would constitute contempt of that court in a justice, municipal, or county court, is not delinquent conduct for purposes of the juvenile justice code and instead categorizes such conduct as conduct indicating a need for supervision. 

HB 3852 would define the authorized places of detention for such a child as a juvenile processing office, a place of nonsecure custody, or a nonsecure correctional facility that meets certain conditions. 

A child would not be allowed to be detained at a place of detention for longer than 24 hours after the time the child arrived at the place of detention. And after they are held for 6 hours, the child is entitled to a detention hearing in which they may be released. 

HB 3852 would decreases the maximum detention period that a judge or referee is authorized to order for a child who is accused of the violation of a valid court order concerning a child adjudicated as a status offender from 72 hours after the time the detention order is entered to 24 hours. 

Vote Recommendation Notes

HB 3852 would help protect truant children from being detained for long periods of time to something more reasonable for their crime. We support the bill.