HB 3562

84(R) - 2015
House Public Education
House Public Education

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Senfronia Thompson

Bill Caption

Relating to the adoption of a policy allowing a grace period after the exhaustion of the balance of a meal card or account used by students to purchase meals in public schools.

Fiscal Notes

There is no significant fiscal implication to the State. There would be some administrative costs to school districts to track negative balances or extension of credit and potential lost revenue. These amounts would vary from district to district depending on whether the district offered prepaid meal cards or accounts and how many students maintained negative balances or received credit.

Bill Analysis

HB 3562 would require a school district to adopt a 'grace period' for students who exhaust funds on their lunch cards by allowing those students to accumulate a negative balance or give an extension of credits to those students. The parent or parental relation would be required to be notified if the lunch card funds are exhausted. The policy would not be permitted to charge a fee or interest.

Vote Recommendation Notes

This bill abridges the principle of limited government and the principle of personal responsibility. HB 3562 would create an unfunded mandate for school districts, since they would be required to implement this policy. Additionally, the policy does not foster responsibility in managing money by parents and teaches children the wrong lesson about finances. For these reasons, we oppose HB 3562.

The second chamber sponsor is Senator Rodriguez.