HB 3311

84(R) - 2015
Senate Intergovernmental Relations
Senate Intergovernmental Relations

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Carol Alvarado

Bill Caption

Relating to the scoring criteria for an application for a low income housing tax credit.

Fiscal Notes

Based on the analysis of the Department of Housing and Community Affairs, duties and responsibilities associated with implementing the provisions of the bill could be accomplished by utilizing existing resources. No significant fiscal impact is expected. 

Bill Analysis

HB 3311 would the prohibit the board of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs from allocating to developments reserved for elderly persons and located in an urban subregion of a uniform state service region a percentage of the available housing tax credits allocated to developments located in that subregion that is greater than the percentage that results from the formula given, unless there are no other qualified applicants in that region.

HB 3311 would also prohibit the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, in their scoring of applications for low income housing tax credits, from awarding to a proposed project for the general population a number of points for a scoring criterion that is different than the number of points awarded for that criterion to a proposed project reserved for elderly persons if the proposed projects comply with the criterion to the same degree.

Vote Recommendation Notes

HB 3311 seeks to make an administrative change in determining who gets what percentage of low income housing tax credits. This neither creates a new program nor expands or abolishes an existing program. As such, the provisions of this bill neither affirm nor offend our liberty principles. We are neutral on HB 3311.

Second chamber sponsor is Sen. Nichols.