HB 2739

84(R) - 2015
House Business & Industry
House Business & Industry
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Giovanni Capriglione

Bill Caption

Relating to the use of a concealed handgun license as valid proof of personal identification.

Fiscal Notes

The bill would amend the Business and Commerce Code to proscribe under certain circumstances the denial of access to goods, services, or facilities, if an individual presents for identification purposes a concealed handgun license. It is assumed any costs associated with implementing the bill could be absorbed within existing resources. 

Bill Analysis

HB 2739 would permit a concealed handgun license (CHL) to count as valid proof of identification for access to goods, services, or facilities. This bill would not affect instances where an individual is required to present a driver’s license or identification certificate in addition to a concealed handgun license nor does it affect the types of identification required under federal law to access airport premises or pass through airport security.

Vote Recommendation Notes

5/25 Update:

No changes have been made to this bill in Senate committee. The second chamber sponsor is Sen. Birdwell and co-sponsor is Sen. Susan King.

First chamber recommendation below:

HB 2739 would allow a CHL to count as a valid ID in cases such as buying alcohol at a store or restaurant or entering a facility with an age requirement. Due to the stricter eligibility requirements for obtaining a CHL including a background check and proof that an individual is 21, there is no practical reason that a CHL should not count as age verification. We support this legislation.