HB 232

84(R) - 2015
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Jessica Farrar


Nicole Collier
Susan King

Bill Caption

Relating to the promotion of breast-feeding and the prohibition against interference with or restriction of the right to breast-feed

Fiscal Notes

There is no fiscal note at this time.

Bill Analysis

This bill seeks to allow women to breast-feed in any location she and the child are authorized to be without interference, mandates that state agencies circulate information on the rights of breast-feeding mothers, and establishes civil penalties for noncompliance. HB 232 states that A mother’s authority to be in a location may not be revoked for the sole reason that she begins to breast-feed, unless its in a private home. 

Civil penalties under this bill would be $500 for each day a violation occurred, injunctive relief, and reasonable attorney's fees and court costs. 

Also, to the extent reasonably practicable, each state agency shall develop a policy supporting the practice of worksite breast-feeding.

Vote Recommendation Notes

HB 232 would allow a woman to breast-feed her child in any location they are allowed to be. While the right of women to breast-feed should not be infringed upon, neither should the private property rights of individuals and businesses. Just because a women is allowed to be in a restaurant or store doesn't mean that the business shouldn't be allowed to prohibit breast-feeding for whatever reason they so choose. We are opposed to this legislation.