HB 2206

84(R) - 2015
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Myra Crownover

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Relating to transfer of the oversight of the Texas State Cemetery to the State Cemetery Committee and to transfer of cemetery funding to the State Preservation Board.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.


The bill transfers the funding, staff, administrative oversight and support for the Texas State Cemetery from the Texas Facilities Commission to the Preservation Board.

The bill would create the State Cemetery Trust Fund. The fund would consist of money transferred, appropriated to the fund, or received and deposited by the State Cemetery Committee. The fund would only be used to maintain, renovate or repair the State Cemetery. 

The Preservation Board and the Facilities Commission identified costs associated with indirect administration of the Texas State Cemetery. It is assumed that the State Preservation Board could reasonably absorb the costs associated with indirect administration using existing resources.

This legislation would do one or more of the following: create or recreate a dedicated account in the General Revenue Fund, create or recreate a special or trust fund either with or outside of the Treasury, or create a dedicated revenue source. The fund, account, or revenue dedication included in this bill would be subject to funds consolidation review by the current Legislature.

The bill would take effect September 1, 2015.

Bill Analysis

The fiscal note above provides a sufficient explanation of what this bill would do. 

Vote Recommendation Notes

Currently, the Texas State Cemetery (TSC) operates under the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC). However, the author’s statement of intent says that TSC’s mission aligns more with the mission of the State Preservation Board (SPB).     

We stand neutral on HB 2206 because the transferring of authority would not result in any costs to the state. Additionally, this legislation does not affect our liberty principles.

The Senate chamber sponsor is Senator Hancock.