HB 2007

84(R) - 2015
House Land & Resource Management
House Land & Resource Management
County Affairs

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Richard Raymond

Bill Caption

Relating to fees imposed by a county for licensing a junkyard or automotive wrecking and salvage yard.

Fiscal Notes

No fiscal impact.

Bill Analysis

HB 2007 would exclude counties with a population of less than one million from authorizing the current fee of $25 for licensing junkyards or salvage yards. The bill would instead require these counties to impose a fee necessary to pay for the administration and enforcement of licensing junkyards or salvage yards.

Vote Recommendation Notes

While it is understandable that counties want to recover the cost of administration and enforcement of licensing, the solution is not to allow counties unrestricted power over how much to charge.  HB 2007 violates the principle of limited government, therefore we oppose this legislation.

NOTE: Due to a successful floor amendment making the bill exclusive to Webb County, our position has changed from oppose to neutral. (11:24 a.m. 4/23/15)