HB 1927

84(R) - 2015
House Elections
House Elections

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Greg Bonnen

Bill Caption

Relating to the application to vote early by mail in more than one election.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.

Bill Analysis

This legislation would amend the Election Code to require an application for a mail in ballot to apply to more than one election. For certain elections in political subdivisions, the county clerk would be required to provide the early voting clerk of a political subdivision a list of voters in the portion of the political subdivision who have applications for ballots to be voted on by mail. The Secretary of State would be required to provide a method that counties and political subdivisions would be able to exchange and update information relating to applications for ballots to be voted by mail. 

Vote Recommendation Notes

We support this legislation under the individual liberty principle. Under current law, anyone over the age of 65, or are disabled are eligible to sign up annually for a mail-in ballot. However, in jurisdictions where the county and city are not contracted to coordinate to send ballots, in some cases those who get a mail-in ballot only get issues or candidates from the city, and not the county, or vice versa, because the other government entity isn't required to send out the ballots, thus hindering a citizens right to participate in all elections he has the liberty to. 

This bill would require a city and county to coordinate sending out ballots to those who are eligible, in an effort to give those receiving main-in ballots the liberty to participate in every election they are permitted to vote in.