HB 1810

84(R) - 2015
House Criminal Jurisprudence
House Criminal Jurisprudence
Criminal Justice

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Helen Giddings

Bill Caption

Relating to the sale of prison-made products to certain persons.

Fiscal Notes

The analysis assumes it would take one year to implement the provisions in the bill. Beginning in fiscal year 2017, the bill could result in an annual revenue gain of approximately $3 million and an equal, offsetting cost. The revenue generated through TCI sales is appropriated to TDCJ to cover costs associated with production of the goods sold.
Based on LBB staff analysis of information previously provided by the agency, for the purposes of this fiscal note it is assumed that sales of necessities to private prison vendors that operate in Texas could lead to an estimated increase in sales revenue of approximately $2.5 million in General Revenue Account 8030 - TCI Receipts. Based on experience in other states, it is assumed that sales to state employees would result in a gain in annual sales revenue of approximately 1 percent, or $0.5 million in TCI sales.

Bill Analysis

HB 1810 would amend the Government Code to authorize Texas Correctional Industries (TCI) to sell goods to certain private prison vendors with whom the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) contracts and certain current and retired state employees. Specific reporting requirements would be required of certain private vendors and the Texas Board of Criminal Justice. The bill would give the Texas Board of Criminal Justice authority to adopt related rules and would require TCI to make its catalogs available to certain entities.

Vote Recommendation Notes

We support HB 1810 under our personal responsibility principle. Helping prisoners to learn a craft and a marketable skill not only benefits their rehabilitation, but also provides a cost-efficient means for government entities to acquire furniture, fencing, storage cabinets, and other prisoner-made products.