HB 177

84(R) - 2015
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Bill Zedler


Rick Galindo
Rick Miller

Bill Caption

Relating to the research, collection, and use of adult stem cells.

Fiscal Notes

No fiscal implication to the State is anticipated, due to the bill's prohibition on the program being funded with legislative appropriations.

Bill Analysis

HB 177 would establish an adult stem cell research program. The program would create the necessary boards for oversight and provides grants and loans to institutions of higher education and businesses.  This bill would not just provide grants and loans for stem cell research; it would allow grants and loans for commercializing stem cell products or technology by businesses. The program may receive funding from gifts, grants, and donations, but it cannot obtain funding by legislative appropriations.

HB 177 would allow stem cell researchers to collect blood from blood banks, just so long as the donor gives written consent. More importantly, hospitals would be authorized to use stem cells in procedures. 

Vote Recommendation Notes

5/23/2015 update: 

No changes have been made to this legislation in the Senate committee. The Senate chamber sponsor is Bettencourt.  

First chamber recommendation: 

The program that would be created by this legislation would be funded by gifts, grants, and donations. The bill specifically prohibits appropriated funding. While adult stem cell research is a promising field of scientific research with enormous potential for medical advancement. This legislation does not infringe on our liberty principles, therefore we are neutral.