HB 1150

84(R) - 2015
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James White


Bryan Hughes
Jason Isaac
Matt Schaefer
Jonathan Stickland

Bill Caption

Relating to the sale of fireworks on and before certain holidays.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal implication to the State or local government.

Authorization of additional fireworks seasons would be expected to result in incremental sales subject to the 2 percent fireworks tax under Chapter 161 of the Tax Code; however, the incremental sales would not be expected to exceed approximately 10 percent of the sales that occur during the traditional Fourth of July and December holiday seasons. No significant increase in general sales tax revenues would be expected, as incremental sales of fireworks would likely be at the expense of other discretionary purchases of sales taxable items.

Bill Analysis

HB 1150 would extend the time period when a fireworks permit holder may sell fireworks. Fireworks can currently be sold June 24 to midnight of July 4 and December 20 to midnight of January 1. This would add additional periods from February 25 to midnight of March 2, April 16 to midnight on April 21, and beginning Wednesday before the last Monday in May and ending at midnight on the last Monday in May.

Vote Recommendation Notes

05/25/2015 update:

No changes were made to this bill. The second chamber sponsor is Senator Nichols.

First chamber recommendation:

This bill affirms the principle of limited government and the principle of the free market.  A limited government should not restrict a product from being sold to only certain periods of time each year. For this reason, we support HB 1150. We would support efforts to amend this legislation to make it all the more friendly to free market and limited government friendly by eliminating the date restrictions on fireworks sales altogether.