HB 1084

84(R) - 2015
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House Corrections

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Marisa Marquez


Ryan Guillen
James White

Bill Caption

Relating to the reporting of certain information regarding inmates and the use of administrative segregation by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Fiscal Notes

The bill is expected to result in significant security and programming costs to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice; however, the actual costs are indeterminate at this time. 

Bill Analysis

This legislation would amend Government Code to require the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) to submit an annual report about the prison population and other factors, including recidivism, between inmates in the general population, and inmates in administrative segregation, and also requires TDCJ to conduct a review of administrative segregation policies,and develop a plan to reduce the use of administrative segregation and increase the opportunities for administrative segregation offenders to participate in programs such as:

  • The opportunity to participate in programs and services in the inmate’s cell that are similar to the educational courses, work-related training, or other technical or vocational programs that are available to the general inmate population.
  • Increases in the amount of time the inmate is allowed out of the inmate’s cell based on the length of the inmate ’s period of confinement in administrative segregation.
  • Opportunities to exercise with inmates in the general prison population.
  • Daily contact with prison staff.
  • Access to audio and visual media that provide the inmate with appropriate mental stimulation.

Vote Recommendation Notes

This legislation would require a report focused on the criteria described above. We remain neutral on this legislation.