HB 1049

84(R) - 2015
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Eddie Rodriguez


Linda Koop

Bill Caption

Relating to the classification of licensed massage therapy programs as postsecondary education programs.

Fiscal Notes

A fiscal note dated March 26, 2015, anticipates no significant implication to the State or to units of local government.

Bill Analysis

House Bill 1049 would amend Section 455.203 of the Occupations Code regarding the practice by massage schools or instructors at these schools to specify that courses of instruction in massage therapy provided by licensed massage schools are postsecondary education programs, and a massage school that provides instruction to persons beyond the age of compulsory education is authorized to operate educational programs in massage therapy at the postsecondary level.

Vote Recommendation Notes

House Bill 1049 would classify instruction programs by licensed massage therapy schools in Texas as postsecondary education programs.

According to the bill's author's statement of intent, new accreditation rules at the federal level require that the Department of State Health Services certify that certain massage therapy school programs are postsecondary education programs. This update to various Texas statutes would allow some of these schools to continue to be eligible for Title-IV certification.

Importantly, though this relates to the Occupations Code, this bill does not create new occupational licensing requirements.

House Bill 1049 does not affect any of our Liberty Principles. We will remain neutral on this bill.