HB 1

84(R) - 2015
House Appropriations
House Appropriations

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John Otto

Bill Caption

General Appropriations Bill.

Fiscal Notes

HB 1, Committee Report 1st House, Substituted (CSHB 1) would appropriate $209,785.1 million from All Funds sources during the 2016-17 biennium.  This represents an increase of $7,702.0 million, or 3.8 percent, from the 2014-15 All Funds estimated/budgeted levels. 

Bill Analysis

CSHB 1 is the General Appropriations Bill for the 2016-17 Biennium. Generally we offer bill analysis and vote recommendations on second reading. However, this bill represents the starting point in the general appropriations process and as such is not near enough its final form for us to take a position on. We will remain neutral on the substance of CSHB 1 as reported by the committee. We will however, offer recommendations on select pre-filed floor amendments based on whether or not those amendments in our view advance or detract from the general principles of limited government. 

The Senate Finance Committee has offered a committee substitute to HB1 as it passed the House and arrived in the Senate. This Senate version has been placed on the Senate Intent calendar for April 13, 2015. As for the version that was voted on the House floor, the committee substitute offered by the Senate is not near enough its final form for us to take a position on.

Vote Recommendation Notes

05/28/15 update:

The conference committee for House Bill 1 offers a conservative budget for the state fiscal biennium of 2016-17 for the State of Texas.

Under this budget, state funds appropriations would grow 5.8%, and all funds appropriations would grow 3.6%. This not only means that the budget would grow appropriations below the estimated rate of growth of the Texas economy of 11.68% from the 2014-15 biennium to the 2016-17 biennium as reported by the Legislative Budget Board, and hence under the spending limit for non-constitutionally dedicated general revenue funds, appropriations would also grow under the 6.5% rate of population growth plus inflation for the last two fiscal years.

We congratulate members of the conference committee for presenting a conservative budget which shows that state government does not need to increase spending more than is really necessary.

We support the Conference Committee for House Bill 1.

First and second chambers recommendations below:

When this legislation was in the House we noted that the appropriations legislation is not near enough its final form to weigh in substantively on whether the bill should or should not pass. That continues to remain the case. We will likely withhold our vote recommendation until after the conference committee produces a final bill. For that reason, we remain neutral on this legislation.

Original First Chamber Analysis Below:

At this time the only amendments we are taking a position on are those below. We do not take a position on any of the pre-filed amendments not appearing below. The amendment numbers represent the packet page number where the amendment is found in the pre-filed amendment packet.

Amendments We Support:

Amendment # Author TPPA Position
10 Spitzer Support
37 Spitzer Support
38 Spitzer Support
40 Rodriguez, Eddie Support
43 Rinaldi Support
44 Rinaldi Support
68 Spitzer Support
116 Schaefer Support
165 Tinderholt Support
184 Simpson Support
189 Schofield Support
206 Huberty  Support
219 Canales  Support
236 Canales  Support 
246 Simpson Support 
251 Tinderholt Support
258 Stickland  Support
281 Sanford Support
282 Sanford Support
283 Sanford Support
284 Sanford Support
285 Sanford Support
289 Stickland  Support
290 Hughes Support
292 Leach Support
293 Hughes Support
296 Leach Support
306 Krause Support
314 Stickland Support
315 Stickland Support
316 Burrows Support
325 Schaefer Support
326 Schaefer Support
339 Frank Support

Amendments We Oppose:

Amendment # Author TPPA Position
3 Otto Oppose
11 Farias Oppose
13 Martinez Fischer Oppose
14 Farias Oppose
19 Martinez Fischer Oppose
25 Gonzalez, Mary Oppose
30 McClendon Oppose
31 McClendon Oppose
32 Rodriguez, Eddie Oppose
39 Miles Oppose
82 Howard Oppose
95 Moody Oppose
105 Coleman Oppose
111 Coleman Oppose
118 Miles Oppose
129 Coleman Oppose
133 Johnson Oppose
134 Johnson Oppose
136 Johnson Oppose
137 Johnson Oppose
145 Howard Oppose
146 Howard Oppose
148 Herrero Oppose
149 Rodriguez, Eddie Oppose
150 Martinez Fischer Oppose
154 Walle Oppose
160 Miles Oppose
163 Miles Oppose
167 Martinez Fischer Oppose
181 Landgraf Oppose
221 Miles Oppose
223 Miles Oppose
228 Miles Oppose
229 Miles Oppose
235 Davis, Yvonne Oppose 
248 Munoz, Jr. Oppose
249 Munoz, Jr. Oppose
250 Munoz, Jr. Oppose
256 Cook Oppose
260 Howard Oppose
266 Miles Oppose
278 Davis, Yvonne Oppose
286 Guillen Oppose
299 McClendon Oppose
302 Alvarado Oppose
304 Oliveria Oppose
305 Martinez Fischer Oppose
309 Martinez Fischer Oppose
310 Martinez Fischer Oppose
311 Martinez Fischer Oppose
312 Martinez Fischer Oppose
328 Farias Oppose
330 Miles Oppose
335 Herrero Oppose